We are committed to the achievement of the highest standards of HSEQ and to continually improving the HSEQ performance in our company operations irrespective of location. Our HSEQ goals simply stated are to:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Prevent harm to people
  • Prevent damage to the environment
  • Assure customer and stakeholder satisfaction and company profitability

These goals are the foundation of our business philosophy and underpin our management systems. Our management systems are subject to regular review in order to facilitate continuous improvement and change where and when necessary or desirable.

These commitments are enshrined in the following list of policy documents and these are the highest level documentation in our Integrated Management System (IMS):

  • Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse Policy Statement
  • Driving Policy Statement
  •  Environmental Policy Statement
  • No Smoking Policy Statement
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement
  • Waste Minimisation Policy Statement

Oilworks El-Djazair is in the process of developing an HSEQ Integrated Management System (IMS) and is currently working actively on its implementation across all company functions and operations to deliver our goals as stated above.

Each team created essay dragon a development plan, including financial analysis, a basic site plan and a project timeline.